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Creo (the band)……

Well, it’s been a while!  

OK so another australian band called 'Creo”, messaged me with all there info to their music, telling me about their music and how they are avid followers of my music blog ??? (I rarely write anything for this blog so to have any followers at all is  strange!)

Anyways, assuming cuz I’m totally down for L.O.P.S from OZ maybe other bands from the land down under think i am a huge fan of australian music? Not really…..

Creo are 23 year old dudes who obves take music seriously in quite the opposite way I do. Just by the message Jorgee  sent me to review his band I already new I would probs disapprove. Also I know I am reviewing there music now but when he sent me the message I was super high on MDMA and still had got a negative vibe!   

OK so they also attached a youtube link , the singer looks like a man yet sings like a sad 12 year old emo kid crying over the fact warp tour didn’t come to his town… The music is very…. uhhh… I don’t know? I don’t listen to music like Creo’s so it’s hard for me to describe. They are very radio friendly and probably could be a huge band if they were from the UK..   

I’m sorry if that came off mean, but I am brutally honest about everything. Jorgee, I am a big fan of Girl Groups (from the 60’s), Garage Rock before 2011 and 90’s Hip Hop. That being said I am kinda old and jaded about most new bands also due to the fact I play in a few, and constantly feel no matter what I do to get my shit released on a decent label a band like yours will beat me to it with out ever trying… 

you can listen to Creo here

Bowl Cut (the Australian)

A few posts ago I wrote about a one man project called Bowl Cut… I only heard about the band because someone on tumblr messaged me to check it out. However it turns out that there is more than one bowl cut in this world!

Kreay Kreay I know right? Anyways the Bowl Cut I was suppose to write about messaged me and informed me of my misunderstanding. So here is a review of the Bowl Cut from OZ……

Well, bedroom recordings of punk-ish rock n roll…. I guess?

It would be interesting to hear some more distinction or more of an idea in the music. Obviously he can play and record but there isn’t much substance there. Especially when you write songs that are 42 seconds long….

However if bands like Lunatics On Pogosticks and Twerps have more of an influence and get more prominent in there country, perhaps more underground music will come out with more of a bang.

Check out Bowl Cut’s songs on his bandcamp

HABIBI: New queens of Brooklyn!

Habibi: are an all girl Brooklyn based band, with a kinda new self titled single that came out in February on Born Bad Records from France. The single has 3 garage pop songs that are simple, not swamped in reverb or fuzz just full of hooks and great melodies.

Sweetest Talk: Definitely the right choice for the A side. It is a very “cool” sounding song, something about Rahill Jamalifard vocals. Actually it’s so cool James Franco used it for a Seven Jeans commercial WTF!??

Sunsets: My second favourite track on the magical single, assuming this song has some personal experience referred in it, makes it a real heart grabber.

I got the chance to pick up the single from the band at Austins SXSW last March, at one of their billion shows. Seriously I tried to attend several but they were packed and I couldn’t get in. Finally they played some secret show and barely anybody was there, also there was free Whiskey! Anyways they were excellent live as well good stage presence, good dressers haha…

Move over Vivian Girls, there is a new girl group in town!

Also if you are wondering about the art work for their stuff, Rahill Jamalifard and her BF make crazy art collaborations you can check their stuff here: thefloweroffixedideas

Habibi have an LP coming out early 2013 on Burger Records

Lunatics On Pogosticks new EP: “Medicine For Da Illin”

I am terrible with this blog… Really fucking lazy and no effort goes into doing it. I apologize for the lack of posts. I love music and I love talking about it, I really do. Thanks for a couple bands submitting they’re really cool music to keep me doing it twice a year haha!

OK Lunatics On Pogosticks just recorded a new EP: “Medicine For Da Illin”. Recorded at home in their moms kitchen most likely.. You can download it for free on their bandcamp: 

There is something to be said about 16 year old kids with no record label or management involved when it comes to making music. I can hear really great influences in their jams but also a lot of we don’t give a fuck if this song is really different from the next. Hot licks guitar solos through all the songs, you think the electric masturbation would kill any chance of a listenable track for 3 minutes and 20 seconds… Well there recording style is so nineties fuzz that it blends in a lot of the time just under really, really, really, genius melodies. Vocals are killer with these guys! I could also pick up a synthesizer in one of their tracks which is definitely something they should explore more of. Don’t be afraid of synths and drum machines boys!

They’re last EP had some pretty good tracks but the one that stood out the most was “Jungs Theory”. Just a really good song, however there are songs that I believe trumped Jungs Theory on this new EP: “Medicine For Da Illin”.

100% Mambo: is the second track, great arrangements for the instruments. Has excellent vocals, spacey guitars and is pretty well mixed. Their production has gotten a lot better.

Grief And Noise: Now this song is the fucking hit! Mini Frank Blacks running around on the beach just screaming their fucking teenage soundtrack out to the world!

Maggie Cassidy: This track is a little odd to me… Meaning like it is really well written and is a pop song to the fullest. This could be a major hit on radio stations, North America would eat this shit up. Now when I say shit I don’t mean the song is shit but it’s definitely not really in the same context as their other space out fuzz rock. I guess I would consider this track a side project song? Maybe call the project “Hurt Feelings”..? 

Regardless of that, this band is full of talent and it would be really great to get them into a studio. Someone needs to put out there sun drenched pop from OZ!  Burger Records I’m lookin at you!


I thought this submission was talking about my hair cut… not really a bowl cut though, but then i found it is actually a band just over the border from where I live..

Bowl Cut are 90’s Superchunk inspired punk, pretty fun but just demos on there site. It would be interesting to hear how they would record a proper record. Would they stick to the safe sound they got going on there demos or would they try to do more so they are not so limited and pigeon holed for sound?

Cool band anyways!

Lunatics On Pogosticks PT 2!

I wrote Lunatics On Pogosticks after they had sent me there stuff because I was curious if they had a female in there band or they were really young?…. Well this is what they had to say!

Thanks a Bunch Clint! Well, we’re two lonely boys (Calum Newton, James Whitfield) from the Far North Coast of NSW (Lennox Head / Byron Bay area). We hate ourselves, we hate others, we hate living in the 20th century, we hate modern dentistry, we hate shoes, we hate music, we hate television, we hate teeth, we hate old people, we hate our friends, we hate cardboard, we hate Tumblr (don’t even mention myspace), we hate Facebook, we hate our URL we hate snails, BUT we love Bleed Your Ears!

Also you can download some of our music via our bandcamp

Btw we’re 16




Neverever is a band from LA who’s old moniker use to be “The Champaign Socialists”, I faintly recall them playing in Vancouver and opening for Pains Of Being Pure At Heart?  Anyways that says it all, I don’t remember what they use to sound like but there new version of there project is awesome! Somehow how I missed out on there first release on Slumberland in 2010, Angelic Swells great record, but I didn’t miss them on there newest release, Shake A Baby.

All the right sounds are there for these guys, girl group vocals but with style! Also got a great guitar sound that isn’t to over-driven. Production is there but don’t be scared to get closer to the original sound of that music guys, you can do no wrong!

Not sure if they are planning to tour at all around this new release but keep checkin on there fb page for updates.

Blue Jungle / Loveless Youth EP


The haunting beautiful voice of Leticia Llesmin, front woman of Blue Jungle has it figured out. The band was on hiatus for a while but with the addition of new members and a new tape cassette out on Burger Records they are leading the pack. A few covers matched with awesome original tracks, it all fits together in a JAMC / Black Tambourine vibe with Blue Jungles own bleeding heart sound.

They also have some shows coming up and tours, check there website for more info and be sure to catch them at SXSW this year!

Lunatics On Pogosticks!!!

I have ingnored and left this blog stagnant for some time…MONTHS…

However today I received a submission from a really cool band called Lunatics On Pogosticks. They have an EP out to download on bandcamp , 3 very fuzzy songs that have a 90’s grunge flavour but with dual vocals through out to bring the pop out of the sand.. Oh yeah they are from Australia and despite my distaste for the accents and the jock mentality of most Australians, these kids sound cool and do not seem to be following any particular bands sound. Rare thing these days where bands just copy one another and who ever makes it the longest gets deemed “The real thing!”  Go download this EP, I have no idea how old they are, if they are going to tour and yes they probably will get picked up by Slumberland in the next couple months and be a new Pitchfork fave.

Anonymous asked: Do you think overblown lo fi garage rock is just a fad? If so, what do think will be the next thing all the cool kids will be into?

Fad? How far back does this catagory go for you?

That sound has been around since the late 50’s.

"Cool Kids" hahahahahahaha